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2016 Product Testing Sea Dog Boating Solutions, LLC - blankets, Kingii wearable, hat, HatSitter

We have tested several new products this year to ensure that they are high quality and perform the task or function they claim to. We try these products ahead of time, so you don't have to worry about these products' quality or performance.  We are very excited about these products and use several of these products ourselves. Here are the 2016 newly tested products that we have added to our Product Line by Category:






Communication Systems:

This section contains NEW communication systems that we tested.

Eartec UltraLITE Communication SystemsEartec UltraLITE Communication Systems

Full duplex wireless headsets

Hands-free two-way voice communications

"Master" headset that relays the digital signals generated by up to three "Remote" units

Allows up to 4 people to talk simultaneously without pushing buttons

Chargers available for the United States,  Australia, and Europe

Replacing the Eartec Simultalk 24G system

I have personally tested this system and was very impressed with it!

This system is excellent for anchoring, mooring, docking, and even in bad weather. No more using hand signals or trying to yell over the noise of the wind or engine!

Check out the Boating Communication System Comparison article.

Cabin Comfort:

These cabin products will make your cabin more comfortable and cozy, whether you are a live-aboard or an occasional cruiser.

Quahog Bay Universal V-Berth BlanketQuahog Bay Universal V-Berth Blanket:

Materials: 100% Cotton

Pattern: Basket Weave


Color options: Navy Blue, Taupe, Light Blue, White, Charcoal, Sage, Ivory and, Plum

Care instructions: Machine Washable

We have the Navy Blue blanket on our boat and love it! The blanket is so much easier to tuck in since there isn't all that extra material in the V-Berth's narrow part.

10/26/21 We no longer are offering the Quahog Bay Bedding Products. Please contact Quahog Bay Bedding directly.






Marmara Imports Turkish Farmer's Stitch Throw/Blanket

Marmara Imports Turkish Farmer's Stitch Throw/Blanket:

100% raw, unbleached Turkish cotton

Farmer’s Stitch collection

Two hand-loomed fabrics whip-stitched together

A weighted blanket that’s cool in summer and cozy for winter

Reverse color pattern on each side

Color options: Bordeaux, Emerald, Green, Light Gray, Lilac, Marine Blue, Mint, Navy, Sky Blue, Taupe, and Sea Green

Two Sizes Available:

 Check out The Boat Galley review for the Farmer's Stitch Throw and Blanket 

We have one of the blankets and love it. When it isn't boating season, we use the blanket at home on the couch.





Docking & Safety:

These safety products can help keep you safe while you are on your boat or doing other activities.

Quatic Float-Tech Inflatable Life Jacket

Quatic Float-Tech Inflatable Life Jacket System

USCG approved Life Jacket System

Patented low profile design

Deploy mechanisms:

Self-righting capabilities in case of unconsciousness

Versatile USCG approved Life Jacket System allows the user to wear the inflatable PFD liner separately and within the jacket, with or without sleeves.

 We tested this product and were very impressed by the quality and functions that this Life Jacket System has.



Kingii Wearable Floatation DeviceKingii Wearable Device


Wear in and around water.

CO2 cylinder is easily replaceable inside the device

Use Kingii time and time again.

Need help to stay afloat? Just pull the lever, and an inflation bag will carry you to the surface.

Great for boating, swimming, surfing, and all water sports.

Sufficient for a 130 kg /  285 lbs person

We recommend wearing a life vest.




Canvas Cover Snap Stretchers

Canvas Cover Snap Stretcher

Eliminates the need to fight the snaps when stretching your boat canvas cover

Extends the canvas snap reach by either 11/16 inch or 1 3/8 inch

Made from Clear UV Resistant Vinyl

Five (5) Snap Stretchers per bag

Clear vinyl strip with two male and one female snap






HatSitter - prevents you from loosing your hat


 Retractable Hat Reel

Dual functionality:

Use the HatSitter for:

Boating/Sailing, Water Sports, Cruising, Sporting Events, Amusement Parks, Convertible Cars, Hiking and so much more

You never have to be distracted by a hat flying off of your head again!

I love mine, and it has saved many hats from going in the water!

No more MOB drills (or HOB - Hat Over Board drills)



This section contains products related to winterizing your boat.

EasyKlip tarp clip allows you to put a rope exactly where you need it



Designed specifically to grip tarps, clear poly, or any fabric or sheet goods that require a strong, long-lasting hold

Often called tarp clips, tarp fasteners, or tarp clamps.



Easy to use

All it takes is one hand! 

Put a clip exactly where you need it on your tarp!  

We use these on our canvas boat cover, where the straps for our ties have broken, and allow you to tie in the exact location you need.





This section contains products related to the galley.

Maverick Digital Thermometer for Omnia Stove Top Oven

Maverick Digital Thermometer for Omnia Stove Top Oven

Maverick Digital Thermometer

This thermometer is ideal for working with the Omnia Stove Top Oven and inserts into any Omnia red cover vent holes.  This thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature within the Omnia Oven. There is no more guessing what setting you should use on your gas stove, alcohol stove, electric stove, hotplate, or even your grill to get the desired temperature inside the Omnia Oven. 





If you have any questions about any of these products, please contact me at Steve@SeaDogBoatingSolutions.com or call me at 802.734.3389

Check out our other products at Sea Dog Boating Solutions, LLC.

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