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Radio Communication Systems for boating and many other uses, Full Duplex Systems

Are you looking for a better way to communicate hands-free on your boat? Sea Dog offers multiple headset communication systems (i.e. Maritime Headsets) which allow you to have hands-free communication. No more yelling over the wind, engine noise or using hand signals to communicate on your boat. These communication systems provide wireless short range communication that is perfect for your boat.

These communication systems can be used for more than boating such as Parking Campers/RVs, Equestrian Training, Theater/Dance Performances, Videographers/Weddings, Blind Skiers, Construction/Bridge Inspections, Heavy Equipment Operation, Plant Tour Communications, Sports Officiating/Referees, Jet Skiing and Bicycling/Mountain Biking.

Boating Communication Systems Comparison Article


The above communication systems provide a solution for the following boating situations and environments:

  • Foredeck to Helm
  • Deck to Mast Head
  • Navigation Station to Helm
  • Helm to Bow
  • Anchoring
  • Mooring or Docking
  • Traveling through locks
  • Spouse to Spouse (Keep your marriage intact - "The Marriage Saver")
  • Trailering - loading, unloading and parking
  • Fueling your boat
  • Working on your boat