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2019 Annapolis Sailboat Show Review

Dec 18, 2019
We attended the 2019 Annapolis Sailboat Show for the first time on Friday and Saturday, October 11-12, 2019. We attend boats show looking for new products that we would feel comfortable offering to our…

Navigating your Time Efficiently at a Boat Show

May 05, 2019
When you attend a boat show, do you wish you could use your time more efficiently while at the show?  At the end of the day, do you wish you had talked to specific vendors, but you ran out of time? Do…

Sea Dog's Simple Main Sail Flaking Technique

Jul 27, 2018
Do you wish it was easier to flake your mainsail? Check out this technique! We purchased a new mainsail for our boat two years ago.  This past season is our third season with this new sail, and we love…

Items we frequently forget to take with us when leaving the boat

Nov 20, 2013
Do you ever forget items on your boat when you are leaving? We do this all the time. We keep our boat on a mooring in Malletts Bay, Vermont, so we end up having to take our dinghy or the club launch back…