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Do you wish it was easier to flake your mainsail? Check out this technique!

We purchased a new mainsail for our boat two years ago.  This past season is our third season with this new sail, and we love it. Our sailmaker mentioned that one of his customers told him about a great way to make flaking the mainsail easier, quicker, and repeatable.

Flake your mainsail and get it just the way you like it and would want it flaked each time you bring the mainsail down.  Take a permanent Red and Green marker and put a small mark on the sail's leech using the red pen on the flakes folded to the port side and a little green dot on the starboard side flakes.  Do the same marking technique on the mainsail at the mast on the luff of the sail. Now that you have these red and green markings, it is easier to put those flakes on the desired side as the mainsail comes down every time.

If you have different crew or guests on the boat, it is easy to give them instructions on helping flake the mainsail as it comes down.


  1. Flake your mainsail just the way you like it
  2. Mark the leech and luff flakes with a small mark:
    1. On the Port side with a RED permanent marker.
    2. On the Starboard side with a GREEN permanent marker.
  3. Take a look at the pictures for clarification.

Mainsail Leech Port Side Mainsail Leech Starboard Side

Mainsail Luff Port Side Mainsail Luff Starboard Side 

Each time you bring the mainsail down, it will be easy to put the fold on the right side, and the crew will get the leech and luff folds on the desired side every time.  Easy and Quick! This technique is a great time-saving technique when putting the boat away after a sail.

Please comment on this blog below if you have other suggestions that you use on your boat to flake the mainsail or shoot me an email at Steve@seadogboatingsolutions.com

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