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Sena Expand Headset Quick Start Instructions (Out of the box)

My Team Talks Headset Quick Start Instructions (Out of the box)

Your headsets come with a built-in microphone on the left earpiece.  

You need to charge each headset.  Put the "L" shaped plug into the rectangular socket on the left earpiece.  Insert the USB plug into an outlet.  When you first plug it in, a RED LED will light up on the LEFT earpiece to let you know it is charging.  After about 2.5 hours, the LED will turn BLUE indicating that the headset is fully charged.

The headset band goes behind your neck and permits you to wear a hat or helmet.  The band and small rubber clip fit between your ear and head while the foam earpiece should cover your ear.  The left earpiece can be identified by the large "L" where the headband attaches to the earpiece.  Likewise, the right earpiece has a large "R" on it.


There are 3 controls which are located on the left earpiece;  The Center Button (Arrow pointing to the left), "+" Button which is located near the top of the left earpiece and the "-" Button which is located near the bottom of the left earpiece.


This part will be easier with another person.  Locate the Center Button and the "+" button and then put the headset on.  Push and hold the Center Button and the "+" Button at the same time for 1 second to power up the headset.  You will hear THREE BEEPS followed by a voice saying "Hello".  If you push and hold the 2 buttons together again, the voice will say "Goodbye" and your headset will be turned OFF.  You can adjust the volume by tapping the "+" button to increase the volume or tapping the "-" Button to decrease the volume.


Your headsets can be paired with any other Bluetooth device.  To "pair" with another Sena Expand headset, after turning the second headset ON, push and hold the Center Button FOR 5 SECONDS.  You will hear a couple of soft BEEPS followed by a voice saying "Intercom Pairing".  Have your partner turn on their headset and then push and hold their Center Button and listen for "Intercom Pairing".  The LEDs on both headsets will flash RED quickly while trying to pair up.  In a few seconds, the 2 headsets will find each other.  Now push the Center Button on ONE headset ONLY for 1 second.  Wait a few seconds and you will hear a mild "hiss" on both headsets.  You are now connected and can have your full-duplex conversation.

When either person decides to terminate the conversation, they must push the Center Button briefly and both headsets will go into STANDBY mode.  Either person can initiate the conversation again by briefly pushing the Center Button which will put both headsets back into ACTIVE mode.


NOTE: When you are finished using your headsets, they should be turned OFF by pushing and holding the Center Button and the "+" button together for 1 second until the voice says "Goodbye" and the LED light goes OFF.  Do this on all Sena Expand headsets.

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