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Headset Solution using iPod touch™ or iPhone™ as walkie-talkies


I have added a new product that will allow you to add a microphone to any headset.  The microphone adapter allows you to add voice recording abilities to your existing headset.    By adding voice recording capabilities to your existing headset, you can then use this with such products as Skype, Fring, Voxie, Midomi or Voice memos.

I am providing this microphone adapter to allow you to use your iPod touch™ (2G or 3G) or iPhone™  as walkie-talkies using the built-in Bluetooth feature of these devices.  The microphone adapter allows you to transmit your voice with your existing headset when connected to your iPod touch™ (2G or 3G) or iPhone™ device when using the Bluetooth feature along with a walkie-talkie software application.  You will need two devices to have the walkie-talkie capability.

For an iPod touch™ (2G or 3G) device, the first thing you need to do is check your Operating System (OS) level. You do this by following this sequence of Tap events:

Settings >> General >> About

If the “Version” field is  2.x.y, then you need to update to the latest OS (Operating System) by going to the iTunes store and purchasing the latest Operating System (V 3.1.2 or higher).  You can also do a Google search on “iPod touch 3.1 Software Update” and that will bring you to the web-pages which will allow you to download this 3.1 software (currently the cost is $4.95 to download this to your device).

If your Version is 3.1.2 (or higher) AND you have the “Bluetooth” field, then you are all set to proceed.

The next thing you need to do is to turn on your Bluetooth capability by tapping:

There are a number of walkie-talkie applications for the iPod touch™ (2G or 3G) or iPhone™ devices.  The one that I have found to work the best is the “Walkie Talkie Speak” application by Koolistov.  You can go to the iTunes App Store and do a search on “walkie talkie” and this application will be one of the choices.  You will need to purchase this application (current cost is $0.99) and install it on both of your devices.

Once you have done all of these things, you can then use the Bluetooth capability to use your devices as walkie-talkies.

Tap on your “Walkie Talkie Speak” application icon.  Tap on the “ADD” button.  If you haven’t enabled the Bluetooth on your devices, a menu will pop up which will state:

“Bluetooth must be on to connect to nearby iPhones.  Would you like to turn on Bluetooth?”

Tap “OK” and this will turn on your Bluetooth feature.  You need to run the “Walkie Talkie Speak” application on both of your devices.  Once the two devices have identified each other, you can tap on the “HOLD” button and this will allow you to have hands-free communication using your headset with the microphone adapter that you purchased from Sea Dog Boating Solutions, LLC.  Both devices will have to have microphone capabilities in order for you to be able to hear each other over your devices.

purchase a Microphone Adapter from Sea Dog here

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions or problems.

Sea Dog (aka Steve Charlebois)