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Landing Loop Logo - Solar Kandle Rail Light, Landing Loop Docking Pole, Canvas Cover Snap Stretchers

It is exciting to announce that Sea Dog Boating Solutions, LLC has purchased the assets and inventory of Gadgets Unlimited, Inc., which includes the following products:



Landing Loop Docking PoleSolar Kandle Rail LightCanvas Cover Snap Stretchers


Sea Dog has been offering these high-quality products on our website since 2013. We love these products and use them on our boat. The opportunity arose this summer (2017) to purchase Gadgets Unlimited, Inc., and we jumped at it. We will continue to offer these great products to the boating community.


Here is what the previous owner of Gadgets Unlimited, Inc. had to say:

"We have great and exciting news that Sea Dog Boating Solutions, LLC is taking over the Landing Loop business as of October 12th, 2017. We've had a business relationship with Steve Charlebois, owner of Sea Dog Boating Solutions, LLC since 2013. They've been offering the Landing Loop Docking Pole, Solar Kandle Rail Lights and Canvas Cover Snap Stretchers to their customers since then. Sea Dog Boating Solutions, LLC will continue to offer the same high quality products and continue the tradition of being a high integrity company and will handle any product issues in the future. The Landing Loop team is moving on to the next chapter of our lives and are very excited to pass the torch to Steve. We wish him all the best as he takes over the helm and continues to offer these wonderful boating products."


If you have any feedback regarding these products, we would love to hear from you.