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West Marine / Zodiac Inflatable Dinghy Oarlock solution

Hello folks.  I have been out enjoying my boat this summer as I hope you have been, and that is why I haven’t posted to the Sea Dog Blog recently.

If you own a West Marine or Zodiac inflatable dinghy with the older style oarlocks where a plastic “knob” slides into the holder on the dinghy, I have a simple and inexpensive solution for you to “lock” the oar to the dinghy.  This solution prevents the oarlock from sliding out while you are rowing your dinghy.

The following is a picture of the specific oarlock that slides onto the oar and then slides into the oar holder on the dinghy:

Zodiak Oar Lock

Please click on the following link contact Sea Dog if you are interested in hearing about the simple solution which will keep your oars locked to your dinghy while rowing.  This simple solution will prevent the oarlock from working its way upward and then having the plastic “pin” bend or break while you are rowing.

I look forward to hearing from you. (Info@SeaDogBoatingSolutions.com)


“Sea Dog”  (aka Steve Charlebois)




05/31/2010 Update:

Here are some pictures of the solution that I came up with to keep the oarlock firmly attached to the oarlock socket/holder.  I purchased a pair of “Hair Pin Cotter” from my local hardware store and used these to hold the oarlocks in place.  It also prevents the oars from accidentally falling out of the oarlock socket when you are not using the oars.


Oar Lock with Clevis PinOar Lock with Clevis Pin 2Oar Lock with Clevis Pin 3Oar Lock with Clevis Pin 4Oar Lock with Clevis Pin 5


It is essential to insert the Hair Pin Cotter, so the “pin” ends are on the outside of the boat.  That way, you can still fold down your oars and not risk having the pins scrape or puncture your dinghy.  The last picture shows how the Hair Pin Cotter goes through the oarlock and fits in the grove of the oarlock “pin” and keeps it from moving while you are rowing, which will prolong the life of your oarlock and will make rowing your dinghy much easier.

I look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions. (Info@SeaDogBoatingSolutions.com)

The “Hair Pin Cotter” pin is also known as an R-clipR-pinR-keybridge pinhairpin cotter pinhairpin cotterbridge pinhitch pin or spring cotter pin.  It is also known as a clevis pin, and you should be able to find these at your local hardware store.

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