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Hello, Sea Dog fans. I wanted to inform you that the new Sea Joule Solar Bilge Pump featured in the July 2010 Cruising World magazine is now available for purchase from the Sea Dog Boating Solutions, LLC website (see bottom of post).

Have you ever been away from your dinghy for a week or two to find it was full of water, or worse, underwater when you returned? The Solar Bilge Pump is a solar-powered pump that will keep your dinghy dry all season long. Just think, no more manually bailing out your dinghy with the bleach or milk bottle bailer. This pump sits in the bottom of your dingy and turns on when the water level reaches a pump-able level via a float switch.

Just think how much time the Solar Bilge Pump will save by allowing you to jump in your dinghy and be off on your boating adventure without having to bail out your dinghy. The best part about this pump is that the solar panel keeps the built-in battery fully charged, so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out of power.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this new product offering.


03/05/2015 Blog Update - The Sea Joule Solar Bilge Pump is NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE

08/06/2015 Blog Update - I have added the Solar Bilge Buddy pump to my list of products!!!  Check it out!!!

09/19/2016 Blog Update - The Sea Joule Solar Bilge Buddy pump is NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE from the Sea Dog Boating Solutions website.

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