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I am writing this blog posting to pass along a personal “learning experience” I had last year. At the end of last year’s boating season, I decided to try and save a few dollars when the boat was hauled and would power wash the bottom of my sailboat myself. By the time I had a chance to do this, the yard where I store my boat had already turned off the water for the winter so the pipes wouldn’t freeze. The bottom of my boat looked terrible all winter. I did not want to scrub the bottom in the spring because it would have removed a lot of my bottom paint. I did wash off the rudder to try it, and sure enough, a lot of bottom paint came off as I was scrubbing and cleaning the rudder.

What I ended up doing was to leave the bottom with all the dried up material on it. The boat was put back in the water this spring, with the bottom looking awful. Now the vessel is getting ready to be pulled out of the water soon, but this year, I am having the yard bottom wash my boat when they pull it out. All the growth and stuff should come off quickly because they power wash it right when the vessel comes out of the water. The cost is only $2/foot and will be well worth it. I will not repeat what I did last year again this year. By the way, our boat is out of the water, and it has been power washed, and it looks great.

I hope that this information is helpful to you, so you don’t make the same decision that I made last year. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at:



Sea Dog (aka Steve Charlebois)

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