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Quahog Bay V-Berth Blanket for your boat, 100% cotton blanket weave

10/26/21 We no longer are offering the Quahog Bay Bedding Products. Please contact Quahog Bay Bedding directly.

Are you looking for a blanket for your V-Berth?  I have found a great product that is a fitted blanket that will nicely fit the V-Berth of your boat, and no more tucking all that extra material in when using a regular rectangular blanket in the V-Berth.   This blanket is made by the Quahog Bay company, which also makes the V-Berth Sheet Sets. We have tested and used the Quahog Bay V-Berth Sheet Set on our boat and the Quahog Bay V-Berth Blanket and are impressed with both of these products. The sheets' quality and how well they cinch up to snuggly fit the V-Berth cushions are excellent, and the blanket fits well without all that extra material on the sides.  We are very confident that you will love the V-Berth Blanket as much as you love the V-Berth Sheet Sets.

The V-Berth Blanket is available in eight (8) different colors:  

Quohog Bay Blanets





Check out the Universal V-Berth Blanket at:

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Universal V-Berth Blanket.


(802) 734-3389

Updated 4/16/2017:

We have added the Quahog Bay Universal Fleece V-Berth Blanket, which comes in 7 great colors (White, Cream, Linen, Navy, Periwinkle, Sage, and Smoke).  Please check out these NEW Fleece V-Berth Blankets.

Quahog Bay V-Berth Fleece Blankets


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