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Favorite Three Electrical Wiring Job Tools - cutters, wire stripper, and crimper

Make any electrical wiring job go smoother and quicker!

Here are my three favorite electrical wiring tools that I use for any wiring job. The three tools are:

These three tools make any wiring job easy with high-quality results. I include a short video showing how easy it is to cut a wire,  strip the ends of a wire, and add connectors to each end with a crimping tool. You will agree with me on how easy and quick it is to do electrical wiring work when the "right tools for the job" are available.  

I spent some time looking for an excellent crimping tool that I could use with one hand while holding the wire in the correct position inside the connector with the other hand.  I found this crimping tool at our local Home Depot store, and it wasn't that expensive.  This crimping tool is so much better than when you try to crimp the connector/wire between the handles.  I never liked that crimping set up, which was very awkward, and the resulting crimp was not that good, and many times I had to start over since the wire would pull right out of the connector.

 Where I purchased the tools:

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the tools.  Send me an email at Steve@SeaDogBoatingSolutions.com if you have any questions.

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