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Looking to see if there are any blind skiers who have used the Eartec Simultalk 24G system


I am looking for any information or recommendations on using the Eartec Simultalk 24G system with a blind skier.  Has anyone used this system for skiing?  Would you recommend this system?  What type of headset do you use with your ski helmet?  Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated.  Please post to this blog via the comment or you can send me an email directly at:


Thanks in advance,

Steve Charlebois

owner of Sea Dog Boating Solutions, LLC

Response received March 24, 2012:

Here is some feedback from one of my customers who purchased an Eartec Simultalk 24G system for skiing:

“I have been meaning to email you to let you know that we did ski a couple of weeks ago with the Eartec system and it worked great. The earbud fits just fine underneath the helmets.”

Ian H.

So if anyone is in need of headset communication system for blind skiers, please contact me at:
(802) 734-3389

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