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Free Float Plan App for iPhone / iPod Touch


I have found a wonderful App for the iPhone or iPod Touch.  It is a Float Plan Application where you can fill in the information regarding your boat and then fill in the information about your trip and email this to a friend or relative so they know where you will be and when to expect you back.

Go to the “App Store” and search for “Float Plan”.  You want the application called “Float Plan – Essential Tool For Boaters” written by “Florida By Water”. As of today, Tuesday, March 23 2010 this is a Free Application that you can install on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

This is a wonderful tool and makes filing a Float Plan much more simple than filling out the paper version.  Of course, if you are doing this on your iPod Touch, you will need access to WiFi in order to send the email.

Good luck and please let me know what you think of this new app.

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Here is an example of the information that gets included in the Float Plan email that gets sent to whomever you specify:


Personal Details
Boat MMSI #:
Boat Name/Registration #:
Boat Year/Make/Size:
Boat Color/Details:
Phone Number:

File Float Plan
Starting Location:
Leaving Time/Date:
Returning Time/Date:

Passengers/Trip Details: