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Announcing a new product – Bison Bottle Bandit Drink Holder

Hello Fellow Boating Enthusiasts,

I want to announce a new product that I am selling from the Sea Dog Boating Solutions web-site.  The Bison Bottle Bandit product can be found on the Sea Dog “Available Products” page or you can go directly by clicking here. THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

This drink holder can be used to hold a water bottle, a sports drink or soda bottle. These clips make it easy to bring along your drink and store it out of the way and keep your hands free for other tasks. They can be used when you are boating, hiking or walking. The carabiner can be conveniently clipped onto your:

Some of the features of this product are:

This product is available in four colors: blueredpurple and black.  The Bottle Bandit would make a great Christmas Stocking Gift for everyone on your Christmas list.

Note: This carabiner should NOT be used for climbing purposes.

Please see the following link: Sea Dog Drink Holders for more information or to order some today.

If you have any questions, please email me at:



Sea Dog (aka Steve Charlebois)