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Return Policy

We believe in our products and either use these products on our own boat or use a product similar to the ones we offer. Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with any product that you have purchased from Sea Dog Boating Solutions, LLC ™.

If you are having an issue with a product that you purchased from us, please follow these steps:

We will discuss the issue that you are having with the product. If we decide that it makes sense for you to return the product, we will inform you where to ship the product. We may have you ship the product directly back to the manufacturer depending on which product is involved. If a refund is going to be issued, it will be for the purchase price of the product. The shipping costs cannot be refunded. Do NOT ship the product to us without first contacting us regarding the issue that you are having with the product. We will work together to resolve your issue.

I look forward to providing you with GREAT customer service and take pride in keeping my customers satisfied with their purchases from us.