Step One: Prepare LINE for docking

Assign one or several of your 25Ft or 35ft lines to be used with the Landing Loop™. Then place your Landing Loop™ with the frame attached on to the pier as shown. Place your line in front of the frame as shown. Place a mark using waxed twine, or water proof tape about 6 inches away from the pre-formed loop on your line and align that mark with one of the Landing Loop™ tips. Then place another mark on the line that aligns with the other tip of your Landing Loop™. (This procedure will be done this one time only and will assist you later when you load the frame for docking.)



BEFORE USING YOUR LANDINGLOOP™, BE SURE TO PUT ON A U. S. COAST GUARD APPROVED PFD. Stand on your boat near the cleat that you want to use for docking. Make sure that the boat cleat and the cleat on the dock are free from any other lines. Place the line over the outside of any railing and then put the loose end through or near that cleat. Be sure that the line will not get tangled on the railing, any other object, or any of your body parts.

Step Three:  Follow the simple instructions

Make a slip knot using the pre-formed loop on your docking line as shown in the above picture - how your pre-marked spots appear on the slip knot.


Step Four:  Pay close attention to the photos

Hold the line at the two pre-marked spots that you placed on the line in Step One.

Step Five:  Practice MAKES PERFECT

Place the two pre-marked spots of your line on to the two tips of the Landing Loop™ Frame. It will make a large loop around the frame of your Landing Loop™.

Step Six:  Captain has the last word

At the direction of the boat’s captain, extend the pole as needed. The pole will extend up to approximately 11 feet. Keep a slight tension on the line as it slides through your hands as you extend the pole.

Step Seven: YOUV’E DONE IT !

As soon as the loop on the loaded frame is around the cleat release the tension from the line, remove the frame, and pull the line tight. Place the Landing Loop™ frame on the boat and tie down your boat as directed by the captain. It is recommended to use two Landing Loops™. Use one on the bow and one on the stern to assure that there are two lines securing the boat.







Congratulations!!!!!! Your boat is now safely tied to the dock. The captain should re-establish all his permanent docking lines and secure his boat as needed.

PLEASE REMEMBER — It is the responsibility of the boat’s captain to watch the instructional video and train his mates in the proper use of the Landing Loop™. He must also be sure his crew knows their specific roles in each docking experience when using the Landing Loop™. This includes practicing on land and while the boat is docked before leaving the pier.

Do not use the Landing Loop™ as a boat hook or for any other purpose than extending a docking line on to a cleat, pole, or piling on a dock.

Please be sure to read the security and policy pages on this Web site before using the LandingLoop™ for docking.