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Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight

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Torch 250 Flashlight: $79.99

Great Gift Idea - my daughter gave me one of these for Christmas 2014 and we love it!

Torch 250 Power Hub and Flashlight

Get the most reliable emergency LED light for any situation with the Torch 250 Flashlight. You can charge the Torch 250 with the built-in USB charging cable, solar panel and hand crank for bright light anywhere. Red light for emergencies and for preserving your night vision and a USB output port to charge your phone or other electronics.

  • Multiple Light Options for Every Situation Use as a flashlight, floodlight or red emergency light. Save on power with bright and half-bright modes for each of the 3 lights.
  • Stay Connected During an Outage Integrated USB Output Port charges phones and boosts tablets to stay connected. Long-lasting, advanced lithium battery.
  • Recharge Anywhere Built-in USB charging cable, solar panel and hand-crank for light anywhere. Durable, rugged construction.

Great for boating, camping, fishing or in your vehicle, camp or RV.

Check out the Torch 250 Power Hub Flashlight Blog Post.

  • 3 ways to charge the Torch 250:
    • Integrated USB Charging Cable - no more lost cables since the cable is built in. Charge the Torch 250 in 7 hours from any USB port.
    • The Sun/Built-in Solar Panel - Located on the back of the Torch 250 and can charge the Torch 250 in 24 Hours (Full Sun).  Add an additional external solar panels for quicker charge time (i.e. Nomad 7 - takes about 7-14 hours to charge the Torch 250).
    • Hand Crank - 1 Minute Crank = 2 Minutes of Light
  • 70 Lumen Floodlight
    • 48 Hours on Low Setting
    • 22 Hours on High Setting
  • 180 Lumen Spotlight
    • 15 Hours on Low Setting
    • 7 Hours on High Setting
  • Built-in USB Output Port - Charge phones, boost tablets and stay connected.
  • Built-in hanging bracket that can be extended or folded away - hang flashlight in a tent or boat or while working on your car to direct the light right where you need it.

Additional Features:

  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • USB Input & Output
  • Solar powered
  • 16Wh / 4400 mAh battery
  • Water resistant

Key Benefits:

Stay Connected During an Outage - Integrated USB Output Port charges phones and boosts tablets to stay connected using the long-lasting advanced lithium battery.

Water Resistant - Rugged, sealed design for use anywhere. Durable and strong construction.


1 x Torch 250 Flashlight