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This page contains Boating Tips, How-To's and NEW Product and Service Announcements.

Boating With Children

Jun 29, 2008
Boating with children can be a rewarding experience and an adventure that will be fondly remembered by adults and children for years to come. Before taking children out boating, it is important to plan…

Boating Safety Tips

Jun 16, 2008
Before going out on our beautiful waterways, it is important to think about safety. Early in the season, water temperature is a key concern because the risk of hypothermia is high. Throughout the boating…

Winterizing Your Boat

Jun 09, 2008
Winterizing Your Boat 11/03/2007 – courtesy of a West Marine Flyer Advertisement Here is a list of items that you should attend to for winterizing your boat: Engines & Drive Train Add fuel stabilizer…