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Boat Engine Thru Hull Opening and Closing– using a tool to open/close the thru hull

Nov 16, 2014
I am one of those boaters that always close all of my thru-hulls when I leave my boat.  Why chance having a potential disaster happen.  The thru-hull could fail, or a hose could fail even if the hoses…

1973 O’Day 19-foot Mariner 2 + 2 FOR SALE

Oct 21, 2014
Mercury 4.5 HP outboard engine, last sailed 1996-97 Mast and sails included - sails in “rough” shape. Boat Trailer included (needs work) Boat located in New Hampshire This boat would make a great…

Items we frequently forget to take with us when leaving the boat

Nov 20, 2013
Do you ever forget items on your boat when you are leaving? We do this all the time. We keep our boat on a mooring in Malletts Bay, Vermont, so we end up having to take our dinghy or the club launch back…

Boating and Aging

Oct 08, 2013
As we age, what used to be easy boating tasks may become more challenging to accomplish. There may be physical limitations that prevent us from doing some of the required boat work items. Some folks might…

Are you looking for an oven for your boat, camper or RV?

Sep 24, 2013
  Our sailboat doesn’t have an oven.  It only has an alcohol stove in the cabin, and we have a barbecue grill in the cockpit. Have you ever wished you could bake something on your boat or even reheat…

Check out the Sea Dog Boating Solutions, LLC article in Business People Vermont

Apr 13, 2013
Hi folks, Please check out the article that was written about my Sea Dog Boating Solutions, LLC business in the Business People Vermont magazine. Business People-Vermont: Sea Dog Boating Solutions, LLC…

Looking to see if there are any blind skiers who have used the Eartec Simultalk 24G system

Jan 31, 2012
Folks, I am looking for any information or recommendations on using the Eartec Simultalk 24G system with a blind skier.  Has anyone used this system for skiing?  Would you recommend this system?  What…

Added American Outdoors (AO) Cooler products to Sea Dog web-site

Dec 10, 2011
Hello everyone, I want to inform you that I have added a new product to the Sea Dog web-site — the American Outdoors Cooler products, which are soft-sided coolers with 3/4" closed cell foam insulation.…