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This page contains Boating Tips, How-To's and NEW Product and Service Announcements.

No More Lost Hats

Sep 08, 2017
Have you ever lost your hat while boating? If you're like most boaters, the answer to that question is a resounding YES!!!  I found a cool device at the New England Boat Show called the HatSitter which…

We LOVE Quebec: Our Winter Getaway 2017

Apr 07, 2017
Quebec Winter Getaway We recently visited the Quebec City area from Tuesday March 14 through Sunday March 19, 2017.  Our trip was dual purpose.  We wanted to get in a few days of alpine skiing and also…

Spring Boat Preparation after Winter Storage

Mar 22, 2017
If you live somewhere where you store your boat over the winter months, this article is for you. We live in the Northeastern United States in Vermont and store our boat on the hard from late September…

2017 Toronto International Boat Show

Feb 23, 2017
We attended the Toronto International Boat Show on Saturday January 28, 2017 to find new boating accessories that would make great products to offer to our Sea Dog Boating Solutions customers.The Toronto…

Products that we have tested in 2016

Nov 14, 2016
We have tested several new products this year to ensure that they are high quality and that they perform the task or function they claim to. We test these products ahead of time so you don't have to worry…

My 3 Favorite Tools for Electrical Wiring Jobs

Nov 10, 2016
Make any electrical wiring job go smoother and quicker! Here are my 3 favorite electrical wiring tools that I use for any wiring job. The three tools are: Wire cutters Wire strippers Wire crimpers. These…

Sprung a LEAK!

Oct 31, 2016
Our first sail of the 2016 season was an "EXCITING" one! My wife, daughter and I went out with friends and their son back in May and were having a good time. My wife went down below to get something and…

Recipes for the Omnia Stove Top Oven

Oct 19, 2016
For anyone looking for some interesting recipes to try with their Omnia Stove Top Oven, check out the Sea Salt Galley Kat Blog.  Kathy has some incredible recipes listed on this blog.  I am really impressed…